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Metal Photo Services, Inc.

Putting Your Concepts on Metal

  •  Metalphoto®
    • Awards & Plaques
    • ID Tags and Plates
    • UID Compliant Labels

Imaging Metal, Plastics, and More

  •  Laser Engraving & Marking
    • Advanced Graphic Design Control
    • Reverse Engraving
    • High Production Rate
  •  Special Services
    • Prototyping Assistance
    • Donor Walls and Recognition Displays
    • Building and Lobby Signage
    • Etch and Fill

Custom Design Services

  •  Graphic Designs
    • Bringing Concepts to Visual Reality
    • Your Goals and Your Audience

Commercial Printing

What’s the most common use of image reproduction on metal (metal imaging)? 

At Metal Photo Service, we receive many orders for identification tags used on industrial and commercial products of many types, as well as for room names and room numbers, control and informational plates, and custom tags of all sorts.  Learn more on our Metalphoto® page. 

Is metal imaging only good for small ID tags?

No.  While metal imaging is very versatile in creating things like identification tags and UID compliant bar code labels, we routinely produce striking awards, plaques, and memorial images using the Metalphoto® process.  If you can imagine it, we can preserve it in stunning anodized aluminum.

We can also do color printing on metal, slate, and tile.  Visit or Color on Metal page for more information.

How durable is metal imaging?

You’ve no doubt seen award plaques and metal engravings that tarnish and become unreadable after a short time.  The metal imaging techniques used at Metal Photo Service, Inc. stand a world apart from such inferior offerings.  The Metalphoto® process is highly durable, weather and abrasion resistant, graffiti resistant, offer tremendous UV fade resistance, and withstand chemicals, salt spray, and all manner of abuse.  These quality investments have a minimum expected lifespan of decades, under all sorts of conditions.

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Do you help with design?

Metal Photo Service is your full-service partner in project development.  We have experienced graphic designers that can work to tweak and improve your design idea or take your concept from napkin sketch to full-color, stunning reality.  At Metal Photo Service, high quality results and great customer service go hand in hand.  Learn more on our Graphics Design page or contact Metal Photo Service.

Do you do one-of-a-kind and short run projects?

Yes.  Our experience in handling large orders for industry and commercial use makes us a popular choice for many bigger companies, but even our best customers don’t always have a big order, and at Metal Photo Service, Inc. we are pleased to handle one-of-a-kind and private orders too.  We do it every day, from a wedding photo or newspaper article preserved in metal imaging to helping a company develop a prototype product with custom control panel overlays, informational plates, and design credits.  Contact Metal Photo Service to learn more.

How long does it take to process my order?

Days.  At Metal Photo Service, we are geared for quick turnaround.  Whatever your order, from identification tags and room numbers to custom aluminum signs, we know you need it yesterday.  We want you coming back again and again, both for the quality of our product and because we treated you right. 

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Do you work only in metal?

No.  Metal Photo Service, Inc. offers laser engraving and laser marking services that work in a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and a large variety of colored plastics.  Using advanced graphics programs and controllers, we can reproduce any solid logo or design, including color fill and reverse engraving.  Custom shapes are available.  Learn more on our Laser Engraving page.

What do donor walls have to do with metal imaging?

Over the years, our experience with metal imaging has broadened our horizons and opened up unexpected service niches.  Among these are donor walls and benefactor recognition walls.  Metal imaging provides for enormous flexibility in design, as well as unforgettably beautiful results that last for a lifetime.  Visit our Special Services page to learn more.

Can metal imaging be used for custom signage?

Directional signs, wayfinding signs, warning signs, interpretive, and regulatory signs are all possible with the "color metal photo" technology developed by Matthews.  This bright color on metal, high resolution graphics and amazing durability, are the ideal application for zoos, marinas, museums, parks and recreation, golf courses, universities, hospitals, mass transit, sports complexes, and many other public facilities. 

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Does Metal Photo Service still do printing?

Yes.  Metal Photo Service, Inc. is a full-service commercial printing house, serving the Pittsburgh area. In our home town we are known for our document solution services, from pre-press to complete bindery & finishing.  Whether you need business form printing, wedding invitations, a small order of flyers, or a few copies made, Metal Photo Service is here for you.  Learn more on our Commercial Printing page.

But nationwide, our fame is all about metal.  If you have images and text, we can display them on metal in the most durable and artful fashion imaginable. 
Learn more at Metalphoto®, and Laser Engraving pages.

Who uses metal imaging services?

From UID bar code labels to instructional plaques for the Aerospace and Nuclear industries, Metal Photo Service, Inc does it all.  Our ever expanding metal imaging capabilities know no geographical bounds.  From military to medicine, from transportation to banking, we’ve satisfied a wide range of customers across the USA (Including Hawaii), Canada, and Mexico.

OEM, Manufacturing, Industrial, Banks, Commercial and Retail, Office, Railroads, Electrical, Engineering, Airlines, Aerospace, Nuclear, Mining, Shipbuilding and Marine, Safety, Military, Cryogenics, Medical, Government, Transportation, Petroleum, Power and Utilities, Specialty and Promotional Items

Big order or small, your investment in metal imaging will stand the test of time.

Contact Metal Photo Service for more information.


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